July 25, 2008

Kluang Ride – Right Time and Right Place but Not the Right Moment

25 July 2008 / Friday / 11.00 p.m.

Halim and Nik has been riding ever since they met when they were young and still courting each other. Though the Kluang Ride was quite timely but finding a place to stay was not exactly smooth sailing. After their room that was booked earlier taken by the Kembara Mahkota Johor, they had no choice but to stay at one available hotel not as superior as the earlier booked hotel.

As the clerk at the counter handed over the room key to Nik, Halim was quite busy securing his bike to safety downstairs. Nik immediately got herself into the room, settled in and was later joined by Halim. After Nik finished ironing her dress for the Kluang function, it was already past midnight. They went to bed immediately for they have a long journey to make the next day.

Suddenly, an hour later there was a rude knock almost banging at the door. The noise really woke Halim and Nik almost immediate and lo behold it was the “Pegawai Pencegah Maksiat” or Anti Vice Officers. Well, to cut the story short that night Halim and Nik were both interrogated as a suspect of vice activity where in actuality they were legally married couple for the last 25 years.

It was really a rude wake-up by the Anti Vice Officers for both Halim and Nik but was a good experience to laugh at later. Sleep was almost impossible after that because they both kept hearing doors being rudely knocked and shouted noises by the Anti Vice Officers. Finally Halim and Nik managed to catch a few hours nap out of tiredness. The next morning Halim and Nik was told by the hotel clerk that one couple was apprehended for further investigation by the Anti Vice Officers. Well, they were just doing their job, right?

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