May 07, 2011

Stop! Stop!

07 May 2011/Saturday

pit stop!
Pak Ngah nak gi toilet.. lagi.

air tak dak ni.

sambil tu, check tayar.

dah, ke belum weh?



which way to Rantau Panjang?
ikut sini jauh.
ikut sana bla bla bla.

sesat ka?

entah, wa follow je.

Morning Ride in Gua Musang

07 May 2011/Saturday
Gua Musang

40 Winks Rise n Shine

07 May 2011/Saturday
Gua Musang

OK guys! Rise and Shine!

At the very least we managed to get 40 winks of the normal sleep hour. All freshened up for the day ahead after some serenity at the mosque and a good healthy breakfast.

leaving our breakfast point.

a view of our very localised menu of the day stall.

Halim and Batu Caves look alike at the rear view.

as We Hit the Highway

07 May 2011/Saturday
KL - Bentong - Raub - Kuala Lipis - Gua Musang

This time around we kicked off without ceremonious photographing. I guess Nik gave up with the camera for its technicality lacking.

We hit the highway after everybody got themselves steady for the:

On the Bike!
Ride and Fly to the Kingdom of Freedom

with Nasir and Ida on their ERN-6, Pak Ngah, Hairol of V-Rider MC, and of course Halim and Nik.

The six of us were heading to Sungai Golok, Thailand for another bike week session - South Peace Bike Week. We agreed to ride via Gua Musang for some night riding adventure.

he he
of course.. sleepiness bogging in.
here at err one of the famous lorry drivers' stop over somewhere 30 km off Gua Musang.

guess where is this?
in the blackened night?
no, it was wee hour in the morning.. almost 04.00 a.m.
wakaf at Gua Musang mosque.

we stopped for the night.. err morning.. for a good stretch of our body and soul.

May 06, 2011

Oh Kamera? Oh Tidak!

06 May 2011/Friday
Shell Taman Melati, Gombak

Apa ni?
Apa blur sangat ni?

Ini lah wajah-wajah yang bersemangat hendak ke South Peace Bike Week di Sungai Golok, Narathiwat, Thailand.

err yang posing sakan atas motor tu bersemangat bidding farewell kepada kami.

yang ini pulak, entah apa-apa yang depa dok set sebelum On the Bike! membelah malam nan gulita tapi tenang.