August 22, 2008

PBW - The Happy Duo

The ride that went wet at the end of the journey didn't dampened the bikers' spirit.. have a look on their joyous smiles..

Pak Abu and Onn..

Samad and Wan..

Salleh and Dilla..

Halim and Nik..

BoC and Halim..

The Raub bikers..

Nik and her friend.. Seri Dewi Malam..

PBW - The Journey North

Some shots taken by Nik on the bike.. on the ride..

Penang Bike Week - August 22nd..

We kicked off for Penang Bike Week after a hearty meal at Jaring Restaurant in Bandar Sunway. Halim and Nik, Salleh and Dilla, Samad and Wan, Pak Abu and his brother Onn and BoC joined the ride - all in all 6 bikers on their wheels..

The stop-over at R&R Sungai Dua.

And were joined by bikers from Raub..

Another break..

This was before the meal at Jaring..