June 21, 2008

BRC Ride Muar "Makan Durian"

Some of us got the opportunity to take a weekend ride to Muar Makan Durian last 21 June 2008. It was a fiesta eating the durian, lots of durian plus some traditional kuih - bingka n seri muka. We really ate our heart away, of course especially those kaki durian.

Our members Pak Abu n his brother couldn't resist the durian - diabetic or no diabetic. They were heavily teast by us to carefully watch their diet.

Dila, Salleh's wife however didn't take a bite but had to suffer the journey home when we load a basketful of durians in their car. They didn't ride cos their loyal Honda Shadow was getting some treatment in the workshop.

Later we went to Gunung Ledang climbing the hill to rid the excess load of durian. But those lazy bums like we lady bikers - Ani, Dila, Nik and Azah just chit chat at one of the cosy rocks there. Then we took a ride to Jalan Joned in Muar to taste the famous mi bandung Muar. Wow! It was worth the ride in the rain cos the mi bandung was really really yummy! Nik had more than 1 plate of the mi bandung. Some even "tapau" for second helping at home with the family.

Most of the bikers continued their journey to Bangi, Selangor for another motorcycle show but the BRC members went their own ways. We head to Port Dickson spending the rest of the night there.

At the end of the day though tired of that long day we really enjoyed the ride.

Pak Abu is the one with the sunglasses. Though the most senior among us but a very good team spirit of him.

Salleh n Halim kidnapping the durians to eat later in the day. So lucky of us that Salleh was driving. We then took a second helping at a stop in Ayer Keroh on the way home. The last remaining was eaten at PD beach.

Car or no car this rider sure wanted to have some durians home.

Riders of Muar "Makan Durian" in group photo. It was a combination of riders from few clubs in KL, Putrajaya, Negeri Sembilan n Melaka.

The bikes at Gunung Ledang.

June 14, 2008

BRC the early days..

Halim n his Lady Biker, Nik. They have been riding since their younger days.

Again Halim n Nik. Also in the view Mobby the Sarawakian guy, affectionately known as Janggut.
We were at the opening ceremony of Zey Sportbike in Semenyih.

From the left facing away the camera are Azah - K's wife n K; the rest are Suhaimi, Samad, Halim, Nik, Mobby n Mangei - Mobby's wife.

Azah, Nik n Mangei smiling away.

Welcome to Black Rider Club

Hello everbody! Hello all bikers of Black Rider Club or known as BRC among ourselves just yet.

And welcome to Black Rider Club's blog. We will be posting our bikers' activities news and photos of our outing on the bikes.

Great Ride! Great Day!