January 29, 2011

V-Rider MC.. very own SDMC's shots.

another sharing.. from Razali SDMC.. of V-Rider MC launching.

Razali SDMC.

SDMC's.. also known as Dragos.

V-Rider MC.. very own V-Rider's shots.

sharing some shots taken by V-Rider MC.. on that launching day of their motorcycle club.

president of V-Rider MC.. bro. Zin.

the dedication.

V-Rider.. sang their very own song.

way to go V-Rider!

guest of honour.. Gee.

V-Rider MC.. their ladies.

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V-Rider MC.. launched

bravo! to V-Rider MC of KL.

V-Rider launched their motorcycle club offically last 29 January 2011.

It was a great night of event.. receiving support from us.. other bikers' clubs and groups.

photo credit: Lang Bikers MC

some bikers who were there.

BRC Jr.. receiving his lucky draw winning.

Zaini.. welcome to BRC.

BRC Jr. and Gee.
he he

Halim n Ayahanda of Freedom Biker.

Halim n Razali of SDMC Seremban.

Nik and V-Rider Jr.


err BRC Jr's bike.. Kawasaki KLX150S.

Roda Klasik

29 January 2011/ Saturday

we were on our way to Nasir's invitation to his relative's wedding event.

one of the bikes broke down.. but no worry.. there is always a biker's help at hand.

Amir.. who owns Roda Klasik in Ampangan, Seremban.

after TTS at Ampangan, Seremban.

Amir and Halim.

Roda Klasik.

bundle shop.. next door.