March 29, 2009

R & G

29 March 2009/Sunday

Location: Arab's ladang at Hulu Langat.

The red and green chillies - ready for plucking

Arab's Ladang

29 March 2009/Sunday

Here we were - at Arab's ladang. Just a nice break before the downpour.

The Pengantin VII.. Adik Sham

29 March 2009/Sunday

Ha Ha.. another BRC pengantin feast. This time at Hulu Langat - the wedding of Sham's brother-in-law. Sham is one of BRC bikers. Cool guy. The afternoon was really a fun delight. We were given a warm greeting by Sham's with a scorpion song upon our arrival.

Sham singing us a scorpion song

Halim and Arab
I and Nizam

Nizam & Sister

Nazri and I
Halim & Nik

The Pengantin VI.. Adik Zaki

29 March 2009/Sunday

BRC together with some Viking Bikers were at a wedding reception in Bangsar upon invitation by new member - Zaki. It was the wedding of Zaki's brother. Some of us menepung tawar the pengantin.

March 22, 2009

Pribumi Negara

22 March 2009/Sunday

BRC - again, thank you to Pak Uda - was invited to attend Perhimpunan dan Sidang Kemuncak Pribumi Negara organised by PERKASA at TNB Hall, Bangsar. It was a very pratriotic event and very much by the fact that Tun Mahathir Mohamad was the guest/main speaker. We were glad indeed to be able to join the occasion.

March 21, 2009

Seminar Agenda Melayu

21 March 2009/Saturday

Halim & Nik and Samad & Wan attended a day seminar - Seminar Agenda Melayu: Memperkasa Politik Melayu which was organised by Pertubuhan Alumni Kelab-Kelab UMNO Luar Negara at PWTC. Later, they attended a dinner of that ocassion. Thank you to Pak Uda who made that possible for them to attend.

March 12, 2009

Maulidur Rasul Celebration

12 March 2009/Monday

BRC was involved in the Prophet Muhammad's S.A.W. Birthday celebration at Dataran Merdeka. We were there from the starting off venue at the National Mosque as early as 6 a.m. Hundreds of bikers participated in the celebration.

March 08, 2009

The Pengantin V.. Loutfi

8 March 2009/Sunday

Six of BRC bikers went to a wedding reception of a friend in Klang but on the bridegroom's request the wedding photos are not shown here.

Later, they visited a friend's shop - Kedai Motor Putri Arisa - Putri Cycle, also in Klang.