April 10, 2011

Blur but Vivid.. Krabi

10 April 2011/Sunday
Ao Nang, Krabi

Krabi is one place that we have been planning to have a look since 2009. Thus, we took the opportunity to really survey this Ao Nang or Ao Phra Nang that features Krabi's most developed beach.

Though by this time, our faithful camera ran out of battery, nevertheless we shot some photos just for physical memory sake.

Everything as we can see here are almost blurred but the real image remains vivid in our memory.

Halim and Nik of Black Rider Club in front of Krabi Resort.

these were the superbikers that we ride along with from Krabi up to Trang.

amazing to be seeing this Royal photograph throughout our journey.

err looks like somewhere in Batu Caves, eh?

along Ao Nang beach.

Halim with Zul and the superbikers as Zul checked in at the hotel earlier on.

at Ao Nang.

err no, thank you. not into Indian cuisine at this time.
"tumpang toilet boleh?"

as we Off the Bike at Ao Nang that sunny bright day.

at the hotel where Zul and the gang checked in.

of course, Halim's loyal all black bike and we are proud to be Malaysian.

April 09, 2011

Tour on Kapcai

09 April 2011/Saturday
Patong City

You pay 20 baht.
You choose your bike and your helmet.
You hop onto the bike.
You fill up the tank.

err over here at this kiosk.

oh itu macam ka?

he he he

Halim and Pak Su of Darul Ridzuan Bikers.

"berapa baht Pak Su?"

"cukup ke Pak Su?"

"cukup dah tu."

"macam mana pulak nak tutup ni?"

ok, I am ready!
On the Bike!

kui kui kui
err the bike is yours for the day!

April 07, 2011

nombor Siam.. sape mau?

07 April 2011/Thursday
Hat Yai

err They just arrived in Hat Yai but no, they were not making their ways to the hotel but heading to the nearest bike shop. Pak Brahim's bike needed attention, just a minor bulb replacement, always safety first in mind especially on this long distance travelling.

Off the Bike for the day.

err memasing sibuk bikin no. plate siam.

the triad at Grand Plaza Hotel
and off to bed

sorry guys, the camera batteries were really exhausted by this hour.
makan-makan pictures all blurry beyond visual.

Straight On No Corner

07 April 2011/Thursday
Sadao - Hat Yai

The sky was getting dark as we ride on to Hat Yai where we will be putting up for the night. Earlier on, our accommodation at Grand Plaza Hotel was all finalised at Changloon.

a very common view in Thailand.




and straight on to Hat Yai.. I mean the route.

on and on.

and remember.. always safety first.
err glow in the dark.

wooooo Q at Border

07 April 2011/Thursday
Bukit Kayu Hitam

It was sure a long bikers queue at Bukit Kayu Hitam Immigration Complex. We bumped into various bikers club - superbike, chopper, touring etc. All were making their ways to Phuket Bike Week.


Ducati team.


the triad - Black Rider Club, City Bikers and V-Rider MC.

and more of us.

Shaun and Mansor the Captain.

Pak Brahim and Halim.

bon voyage!

moving to Sadao.

just before entering Sadao.

all here?

Riang Ria Changloon

07 April 2011/Thursday

err maaf gambar blurrrrr

the three lady pillion-bikers
Nik, Yati , Eila