April 07, 2011

Bikers.. Look Here!

07 April 2011/Thursday
South - North PLUS Highway

Nik of Black Rider Club always enjoyed shooting while on the bike. Let's see what we got for this Phuket Bike Week fun On the Bike! with Black Rider Club, City Bikers and V-Rider MC.

"nooooo!!!!!!" said Burn.

"hi!" from Blank

cool Pak Brahim.

err sorry bro., I didn't get your name but we parted after Juru.

alamak! I am not sure of his name too.

"what?!!!!! you don't know their names?" fisted Shaun.
"gua belah dulu," and off Zaki passed by.

err err err arghhhhhh I don't know his name too!

ho ho ho
here comes Jukie Zuki!

aiseyman! just managed to get this only, Yusof.

also Husin's of his back view too.

"hello," smiled Hairul.

"err the phone is ringing" fumbling Wahab.
"careful!" soft tone Yati.

"yo, peace! I made it to this Phuket trip" smiled Eila.
"e hem" Zin steadied himself.

couples riding together.

Burn again!
all black eh?

also the Juru guy.

and Zaki one more time.

a ha, Jukie Zuki.

Blank and the gang.

err this was all I get of me and Halim of Black Rider Club.

On the Bike
to the
Kingdom of Freedom

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