January 25, 2009

The Pengantin II.. Boy

25 January 2009/Sunday
Event: Pak Abu's Son Wedding Reception in Kajang

BRC was at Pak Abu's house in Kajang for his son's wedding reception.

January 18, 2009

Stop Over from Melaka

18 January 2009/Sunday
Event: Pak Abu's Son Wedding in Melaka

BRC stop over at the Seremban Highway on the way back from Melaka.

Hero.. Heroine..

The Heroes

The Heroines
The Couples in Close-Up
Zamri & Ani
Nazri & Hawa

Li & Lia

K & Azah

Halim & Nik

The Pengantin I.. Boy

Until then.. when time permits me to write.. here are some of the pengantin snapshots..

1st Ride of The Year 2009

Standing from left:
Zali, Nazri, K, Lia & husband Li, Samad & wife Wan, Hanif, Ani, Lin & husband Mi, Zamri (Ani's husband) and Samad.

Middle from left:
Zie (Zali's wife), Hawa (Nazri's wife) and Azah (K's wife).

Sitting from left:
I, Madi, Lan and Nik & husband Halim.

Not in photo:
Pak Abu, Pak Onn, Pak Onn's son, and Leman.

Thank Allah Almighty.. with the wedding invitation from Pak Abu.. BRC took a ride to Melaka as Pak Abu's entourage. Pak Abu's son is now married to a Melaka lady. And BRC is proud to be there to "meriahkan" the wedding.