July 20, 2008

Snapshots of BRC Tampin Ride

Here are some snapshots taken throughout the Tampin Ride..

BRC's rendezvous at Nilai R&R.

Early arrival n waiting in restless.

BRC ladies, 2nd from left - Azi, Dila, Mangei, Nik n Ani with Ramdan's wife (far left), a PD biker.

Assembling for the ride - easy bikes.

Assembling for the ride - superbikes.

Ride to pickup the "pengantin".

All set for the Tampin ride.

Briefing among police outriders, Marshalls etc before the ride.

Going for some snacks before the ride.

Almost ready to make the move.

Stop over near Tampin before approaching the "pengantin's" house.

At the "pengantin's" house.

Shima n Aswandy - the bride n groom all in yellow.

The dance to enlight the pengantin n guests.

Happy "hijacked" bikers of Zali n Azi's durian n rambutan treat.

"Oh! so cosy," said the bikes. He he he..

Our shaken photographer who made our day..

Great Ride! Great Day!

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