July 20, 2008

BRC Joined N9 to Aswandy n Shima's Wedding

Yesterday, for the first time all of us the BRC riders really got together n took a ride to Pulau Sebang in Tampin for a wedding ceremony of a friend to one of the N9 Bikers Club. The N9 is a club originating in Negeri Sembilan, formed in 1996. N9 is one of the early club joined by Halim n still received various invitation from the N9 members especially Nor who rides a BMW Touring.

The wedding was of Aswandy n Shima's. Some members of Melodi TV3 were also present.

Altogether, the 9 BRC bikers excluding those riding pillions started from Nilai R&R n ride towards the meeting point in Mambau. It was more than an hour restless waiting for the BRC before the rest of the bikers were really assembled, about 60-70 bikers in all, I guess. Well, didn't get the exact headcount. But for Halim n Nik it was like a re-union meeting with most of the N9 members after a while. The BRC introduced themselves to the others at any given availability n opportunity.

The ride headed to PD Perdana to pick up the "pengantin lelaki", had some snacks to "alas perut" n were escorted by police outriders to Pulau Sebang in Tampin. For the first timers, it was an awesome ride especially Boy - Samad's eldest son riding as pillion. Boy is only 10 years old. For Mangei it was the first time she attended a Malay wedding ceremony. We were glad that Mangei enjoyed the Malay food served.

However, an unfortunate accident happened to two bikers riding superbikes upon reaching Tampin. They were unable to avoid a surprise dog crossing the road in the midst of the motorcycles. I presumed the dog went haywire due to the loud noise from the engines passing by. We later visited the bikers at the Tampin Hospital (after a heartful meal n light entertainment at the wedding) but they were still at the accident scene. Pity them. The lady biker was from Telok Kemang Club n she suffered leg injury.

On the way back to KL, Zali with his wife Azi, riding pillion took a sudden turn n had us wondering where we were heading riding along the "kampong" track. Ho! Ho! We had another durian trip but this time right smack under the durian, rambutan n some other trees at Azi's grandmother's house. We had some durian, rambutan n cakes. We were actually supposed to ride to Mantin to Samad's "dusun" but Zali "hijacked" the trip. May be next time around Samad. But poor Boy because he was looking forward to go to Mantin.

After a stop at Seremban R&R, we headed home. Salleh & Dila made an exit at Nilai; Halim & Nik, Patrick, Pak Abu n his brother, On exited at Kajang; Samad & Boy exited at Seri Kembangan; Zali & Azi, Mobby & Mangei n BoC headed their ways to PJ n Klang.

Thank you to N9 Bikers Club for inviting us.

Until then it was a Great Ride! Great Day!

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