February 08, 2012

perghhhhh Terbaik!

February 08, 2012/Wednesday

"Hah, there they are again!"

Al-kisah, they spotted an eatery that looked promising and made a stop.  It was then 02.10 p.m. and we were very very hungry.

Belut, Rizal and El Nino waited for us here.

this was what they spotted.

tadah air?

our makan place for the day

gapo dio mu dok smell smell tu Lim?

daun apa ni?

dok tahu daun apa.
err how far are we?

the best ever meal since the day we left home.


the resting bikes.

On the Bike!

looking ahead: jauh lagi

Rasa Riva
Geng Jahat
Black Rider

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