January 03, 2010

Begin with the End in Mind

begin is the year 2010

end is the year 2009
end is also the year 2011

begin with the end in mind
it could begin by anyone.. anything.. anytime.. anywhere.. anyway

1 Husband.. 4 Wives?


anyone.. who
anything.. what
anytime.. when
anywhere.. where
anyway.. how

and for BRC's On the Bike.. On the Ride..

the year's began at Temerloh Big Bike Jam 2010

bravo to Temerloh Big Bike Jam 2010 organisers!
dare to make a different

the final count down was the concert..
Hattan.. Man Kidal.. Ramli Sarip.

Dataran MPT Kubang Gajah was fully crowded.

read I's t-shirt:
the value of the quality

and here we were.. just the 3 of us BRC bikers and of course plus Nik.

only just the four of us BRC were there.. but we were there at Temerloh Big Bike Jam 2010!

Temerloh.. is not just mere ikan patin highlight spot.
Temerloh.. geographically is the mid-point of our beloved country Malaysia!

not only we were there at Temerloh Big Bike Jam 2010..
but we are now in awareness that Temerloh is right smack the centre point of Malaysia.

Nik's hometown in Pahang.

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