October 29, 2009

Quiet for a While

It has been 55 days since the last BRC posting on September 4.

Reason being - no image availability due to non-existing of that loyal camera. Anyway, thanks to the phone technology and evolution.. still manage to snap some shots.

And after searching here and there.. only 2 days ago we managed to buy the USB cable for that Nokia 3120 Classic phone. Classic and not that high tech this phone may be.. but.. jadi lah.


Bikerz said...

Salam....really love ur blog...
nak request, letakla gambar raya bersama keluarga dan anak2....teringin nak tgk keluarga muhalim ni....;D

Ride with BRC said...

Salam Bikerz.

tqvm.. insya Allah.. one day kami share kan gambar2 family BRC ni.